First Sunday in Advent, Year A

Isaiah 2:1-5
Psalm 122
Romans 13:11-14
Matthew 24:36-44

It is a dark season. The sun disappears late in the afternoon and even throughout the day, the quality of light is thin and cold. And we have not yet come to the shortest days.

In our shared life of faith, it is a season of waiting. We are moving toward a keystone in the Christian year, but first, the waiting is important. And the gathering darkness reminds us of the work to be done.

The season begins with just one candle, one small light in the darkness and with a vision of gathering light that lies ahead.

The prophet Isaiah speaks of a time when Judah and Israel are gathered together, when many come together as one, and when swords have no purpose. This is a vision of Peace for many.

The psalmist, too, is singing a song about Peace that is hoped for. Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem is important for the greater good.

In his letter to the Romans, Paul writes to a waiting community. He encourages these people to stop waiting in the dark and instead to move toward light. Focus on the right things - not your material needs, not needs of the flesh. Not food, not sex, not fast cars or big TVs. What then, are the right things?

The passage from Matthew is troublesome. The idea of a thief in the night taking one and not another is hard for us to grasp. But remember that it is a dark season. And this is a warning to be watchful. It is important to note that Jesus uses the Flood story as an anchor and an example. We also know that after the flood, God made a promise that never would God's creation be destroyed again.

Our prayer is to be transformed. To join the gathering light. To be light. God-filled and overflowing with the abundant love of our creator, abundantly able to love creation and to generate more light, to spark light in others. Amen.

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