Imagine promises fulfilled.

Imagine peace.

Imagine no more hunger.

Imagine no more suffering.

Imagine grace and mercy

Imagine forgiveness of sins.

Imagine seeing and knowing God.

Imagine physical connection and communion with God.

Imagine imaginings realized.

Throughout the Hebrew and Christian scriptures we see places where people are imagining life being better. We see them living toward promises and covenants made with God. We see them faithful and wayward, we see them grateful and repentant, we see them in bondage and free. In their their most dire moments we find them dreaming and Imagining how the world will look when the promises of God are fulfilled.

This is not all that different from us today.

Today we still dream toward and live with the promises of God that we received through Jesus. We are still living toward the dreams of peace, grace, mercy, forgiveness, no more hunger, no more suffering--for all the world. Jesus taught us that God does God's part and we do our part to fulfill these Imaginings.

Last night at our seder meal I was given the honor of reading a part of the "New American Haggadah" (a section written by Lemony Snicket...honest). In the seder there is a section that always looks toward "Next Year in Jerusalem" which looks toward the dream that maybe next year at Passover, there will be peace and all Jews will be back in Jerusalem and able to share the Passover meal together. Imagine what that would look like:  "Even if you do not believe you will celebrate Passover next year in Jerusalem, you may say these words and think of your own home, which I hope is one of freedom and safety, and the journeys of all the people in the world, which are often difficult and treacherous, as they try to find homes for themselves. Next year, we hope everyone in the world has freedom and safety and can celebrate holidays in a home full of fellow travelers who wish them well. Let us be grateful for the homes we have, and hopeful for the homes of others, this year wherever we may be, and next year in Jerusalem."

Imagine what the Kingdom of God can look like in your life, right here, today.

I pray you work to help bring the Light of God in to the dark places of this world.

May your life be filled, every moment of every day, with the Grace and Peace of God.

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