Sixth Sunday after Pentecost, Year B (Proper 9)

We don't know about you, but there are times (more often than we wish) when we wonder if we have what it takes (wisdom, courage, strength, etc) to do and be the things we are called to do and be.

Some days the expectations seems so high and the task at hand so important...and we feel so weak and frightened.

Some days we wonder if we have what it takes to do and be the things we are called to do and be.

And gratefully, we have people in our lives who remind us that even though we might not have everything we might hope for, we have enough for what we need to do and be what we are called to do and be.

Think of David. He had been called to be King right after his mentor Saul. He likely needed encouragement from time to time to remind him he would be able to be the servant and leader he was called to be.  We know that he made some bad choices and had to work his way through that.  And in this passage from 2 Samuel, we see some of the folks from his kingdom offering him the encouragement he needed. They remind him of what he had done in the past and they anointed him as their king to encourage him going forward.

Look at the conversation between Ezekiel the prophet and God. God imbues the prophet with confidence and the power of God to go out and share God's message. With the way the instruction was given to him, Ezekiel obviously knew God was on his side and that should be enough to help him do and be what he was called to do and be.

In Paul's second letter to the followers of Jesus in the city of Corinth we see him struggling with whether or not he could be and do what he was called to be and do. We see him wondering if he has the ability to keep his boasting in check and he finds he is given the needed encouragement from God to be able to do and be what he is called to do and be.  And he seems to understand that being overtly powerful is not the answer - being humble and willing will help him to be and do what he's called to.

And if Mark's gospel we see Jesus entering his hometown after having done miracles and healings in a variety of places. And while he was home his ability and who he was were questioned. We have to imagine it was hard even for the Son of God to be second guessed by people that he knew and loved. From that place he prepared and equipped the disciples to go out clean up unclean spirits. He put his confidence in them that they could go out and do the work that they were called to do. They were commanded to take nothing with them and to go forward in confidence that what they needed would show up.

Sometimes we let our doubts hold us back.  Sometimes we limit ourselves by not believing that God is ever-present.  Sometimes we think we have answers and in fact the answers we need come from a higher place.

in a world that call me to be everything
all the time
in every place
with all the toys,
help me to remember that I am yours
and you are with me
all the time
in every place.
And that is enough.

© laura & matt norvell 2012 www.settingourstones.org - We share this with you and hope you'll share with the world; we simply ask thatyou let people know where you found these words. May Grace & Peace be with you.

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